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If you haven't already, head over to your favorite podcast app and listen to the first six episodes of Casting Call, which feature our three finalists' pilots. After you've listened, vote here for the one that you think should win a mini-series, produced by Gimlet. Only one vote per user will be counted.

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The winner will be announced in our final episode on October 3rd.


The final Say

The podcast where you can learn about facing life, from people who are facing death. On the show, host Debra Jarvis draws from her 30 years of experience as a hospital and hospice chaplain to interview people about their lives, what they’ve learned, and how they are approaching death.


An Exciting Business Opportunity

Can selling a product like makeup, skincare, Tupperware or leggings bring you happiness and wealth? On this show, host Anna Ladd explores different Multilevel Marketing companies by testing out the products and meeting the people who sell them. Ultimately, she uncovers if each company might be her ticket to getting rich quick.



A podcast that centers the experiences and stories of People of Color in relation to money, wealth and economics and how those things affect our lives. Our Allowance is hosted by Natalie Peart, who explores economics through personal stories and interviews.


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